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The Genome Resource Facility (GRF) website is an interactive information centre relating to the practical use of next-generation sequencing and microarray-based technologies.

Why has it been created?

The GRF has been created as a result of increasing technological developments within the field of genomics and in particular sequencing. Sequencing the genomes of a number of pathogenic microorganisms have allowed staff here at the LSHTM to carry out ground breaking sequencing and microarray research within this field. The GRF website allows a wealth of information to be easily available for research students, staff and potential collaborators.

Who has created it?

The GRF is a Faculty initiative founded by Dr Nick Dorrell and Professor Brendan Wren of the Pathogen Molecular Biology Department at LSHTM. The website authors and designers are Abdi Elmi and Ozan Gundogdu.

We hope you find the GRF website useful and if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the website, please contact us.